Attending college eight hours away was very unsettling at first. The thought of being away from family and friends was unnerving, but then I remembered, I had been prepared for this exact moment because of CHAMPS.

Denise J. Neely
YO! Baltimore Tutoring Project President
Johns Hopkins University, Public Health 2011

I am very much appreciative of the CHAMPS Program. A result of being in the program was that I learned how to be confident and self-aware. In school I was always very introverted. I never knew the other side to my personality until I met my fellow cohorts in the program. That in turn helped me with my social skills, as I learned how to communicate academically as well as casually. I met some lifelong friends through this program. Friends who hold me accountable in numerous facets of life including professionally and spiritually. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been a part of the CHAMPS program for so many years, and I pray I am able to contribute in the future.

Tiasha Jones


Becoming a mentor was a way for me to give back to the program and be a light to students within.  Each year I learn more from them than ever.  My relationships built with the students are the most important part of the program that I hold dearly.  CHAMPS is a part of my life.  I never forget the friendships, connections, life skills I have learned and made throughout my many years.  CHAMPS is growing, and I will always keep it close to my heart.

Demario Watts
CHAMPS mentor and former student


Lots of “c” words jump out at me as I think about what CHAMPS means to me: community, college, courage, character, and many more.  However, perhaps the most important “c” word that helps to define the program would be “challenge.”  It challenges everyone involved to be a better person. That is obvious when considering the students.

Doug Daniel
PC Math Professor