CHAMPS is a good educational program to help kids get ready for the real world.

Anthony Jones and Elexius Jones (11th grade)

I really love the point that CHAMPS is a Christian base program that shares in Worship and Praise and can be highly influential to a teenage student.

Stacy Tumblin and Riley Tumblin (8th grade)


This is my daughters second year participating in the CHAMPS program. I have enjoyed the program thus far. It has allowed Chrishuna to meet new people and has changed her involvement with others greatly. One thing is she has not stopped talking about the time spent at PC this summer and attending Clemson. I look forward to another good year for the CHAMPS program.

Thomasena Brown and Chrishuna Brown (7th grade)


I have been working with the CHAMPS program since 2008. I love CHAMPS because students and staff members are continuously supported and challenged through service, team building, reflection, and extracurricular activities. CHAMPS is a family. We learn, grow, and continue to support one another.

Erica Cummins, Teacher

I love CHAMPS because of the message of community and service to others it sends to all who participate. I love that it promotes a sense of family that brings two school districts together for the good of Laurens County. There’s no better place to do this than on the campus of Presbyterian College whose motto is “While we live, We serve.” This makes learning real and relevant. Together we make a difference in the lives of many…for the students, the mentors, the teachers, and the community. You can’t beat that!

Tina Childress, Teacher

I love CHAMPS!! I am elated to be a part of a quality youth program that really makes a difference in the community and our children.  It offers young people academic opportunities, exposes them to other young people with similar goals, gives them enrichment activities to help shape them into well rounded individuals, and helps them to grow spiritually. CHAMPS also makes a difference because of the investment it makes

in the students…helping them to build our community and give back to their communities in positive ways. It especially made me feel useful, when I received a card from a few students thanking me for what I mean to them!

Beverly Powell, Praise and Worship leader