My Other Family


The CHAMPS program is more than a small group of students working to achieve their academic goals. It is students, teachers, mentors, churches and various community members working to encourage and support students who have increased potential. CHAMPS is a family more than a club or camp. As a student in CHAMPS we are surrounded by parents, mentors and teacher who encourage us to be all we can be even when we feel like all we can be is not much at all. The individuals involved in the CHAMPS program work with students all year. As a mentor, I keep in touch with my students’ activities and goals. I love to hear from them throughout the year how well they did on a math test or how much they love helping someone in their community. CHAMPS instills many qualities in their students but the greatest gift CHAMPS offers to students is the ability to feel connected and loved within a giant family. As a student in CHAMPS I suddenly found myself with multiple mothers and fathers. The feeling of love, support and encouragement has remained with me even after graduating high school and college. CHAMPS is still my family and with each year it grows and expands. I am proud to be a member of such a wonderful family and hope that more students will join our family for many years to come!

Heather Lamp

CHAMPS student and mentor


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