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Critical to the CHAMPS program is the academic focus. All activities point to this center all year round. Grades are monitored and students are urged to score at A/B level. Serious preparation for college begins as early as in the 7th grade.

The CHAMPS curriculum is divided into two major phases: (1) four years of a one-week residential academic program for 7th to 10th graders which focus on humanities, fine arts, sciences, character education, and computer training, (2) two years of comprehensive college prep and off-campus internship curriculum for 11th and 12th graders.

Monthly academic programs are conducted from September to April for 7th to 10th graders. These programs are led by Presbyterian College faculty and students. The disciplines represented this year are science, psychology, ROTC, and history. Each Saturday includes a praise and worship opening, an hour and 15 minutes of Girl’s Circle and Boy’s Council curriculum led by public school teachers and PC mentors, and then the academic program for an hour and a half. 11th and 12th graders also meet monthly in our newly created College Literacy program led by PC honor’s students from the various disciplines and staff members from our Career Services, Admissions, and Financial Aid departments along with public school guidance counselors. While students are engaged in academic endeavors, the parents are also meeting under the leadership of the CHAMPS Parent’s Council. Students engage in service learning each semester and participate in area college and job fairs throughout the year.


For CHAMPS, success begins with character development. Principles of Christian education remain a foundation on which determined character is built. CHAMPS students are trained and expected to be leaders in their respected schools, homes, and communities.


The students learn early the value and integrity that go with the habit of giving back to the community. They accumulate community service hours over the 6-year period they remain in CHAMPS prior to enrolling in college.  In their college application essay, the students reflect on the impact of their community service on character, career plans, and social skills.